Terms of Service

1. Terms of Service

This agreement applies to files and information (refered to as contributed content below) which are uploaded by users of "Makebox" which is managed by ViRD, INC (refered to as "this company" below).

Users must abide to the terms of service and recognize that user contributed content is subject to review by Makebox, as well as services provided by ViRD INC, and other designated third parties, and will be made available for download.

2. Use of User Contributed Content by ViRD INC

When users upload content they hand over licensing rights to ViRD INC and allow ViRD INC to freely use their content without compensation and they will be under a sub-license provided by ViRD INC.

If the user submitted content infringes on an already existing license and the user cannot prove that they are the original creator of the content the license will be stripped away from the user and the user's account may be banned without notice.

3. Use of Account Information by ViRD INC

User's must agree to allow ViRD INC to use their user submited information, including all information submitted upon registration for "Makebox".

4. Site Management and Changes to Terms of Service

ViRD INC may decide to change the terms of service without prior notice. When the content of the terms of service has been altered users must agree to the new terms of service. Sites related to ViRD may suddenly change their site or service without warning, they may also stop or cancel service unexpectedly. User's must agree to and acknowledge this possibility.

5. Model License

Users can download 3D models. Users can modify and modify the makebox models. Users can use users contents.

If the downloaded model isn't users model, Secondary distribution is not permitted whether or not they are altered.